Cleaning our Symbol

The affective and abstract value associated to a symbol, is given by its meaning itself, as well as the attributed connotation of it through out the time. Here, the International Zionism, has developed a “conditioning work” in which, “the swastika” has been always exposed associated to genocide, murders, caricaturized SS officers with psychopathic dashes and every expression of human decadency represented by the prototypic image popularized by the Hollywood Industry.

The only way to revert this conditioning process, technically known as “classic excitant conditioning” in the scope of the experimental analysis, is through a scientific process of conduct modification as efficient as that used by the enemy. First it is necessary to understand its fundaments and the mechanic we are going to follow, if we want that the symbol of the National Socialism finally invoke in a spontaneous way the high values that it represents.

The conditioning process through which the swastika has acquire its negative connotation for the masses, consisted in the association of the symbol to sceneries that incited, in apprehended or innate ways, aversive emotions of fear and horror: darken images of death and human suffering as those fomented by the holocaust forgery, in which the symbol is held by an officer of murderous expression and dashes, while famished children and women die under his insensitive boot, for instance.
Consequently, the symbol become a predictive signal of death and mental insanity and therefore, produces an automatic defensive reaction when it is exposed.
Regarding this well-worked manipulation of the behavior, there is just one way in the scope of the experimental behavior analysis to nullify this fatidic apprehension, and to recover the real value of our symbol: it is called “the counter-conditioning process”.
Before explaining the procedure, it is necessary to make a careful rejection to the alternative of “hiding” the swastika till a new comprehension of it become possible. It has to be studied case by case.
When a symbol has acquired a certain value by its continuous exposure in association to aversive and negative emotions, the non exposure does not dismantle the former apprehension, mostly when this association has been systematically reinforced through the mass media.
Accordingly, the proposed method to make the common people to recover the true sense of the swastika consists in to expose the aversively conditioned stimulation (the swastika associated to genocide and psychological diseases) to a new non-conditioned stimulation, but, this time, desirable. (1)
This process of counter-conditioning pursues to counteract the stimulation previously associated to an aversive context, associating it to a new context, this time desirable, positive and constructive, for example to young men working for their community; or to key words that represents national socialist values universally recognized by the non Jewish people, such as the family, the love to the mother country, the tradition, the honor, the loyalty, the order and the discipline.
The task however is hard, because it is demonstrated that the numbers of expositions to produce the counter-conditioning must be much larger when the symbol has been associate to an aversive context previously. Put it in simple words, it is harder to stop thinking that something that was associated to evil before can be associated to positive values now than vice versa.
This is owed to the human motivational systems have been selected in a way that the tendency of keeping distance from a risk is stronger than that of approaching to an appetitive stimulation.
Comrades, for this reason we have to discard the option of hiding or suppress our symbol from our activities and diffusions, because hiding it without defending it, only produces that the conditioning from the enemy become more and more efficient and irretrievable its original meaning.
The only way to “clean” the swastika is showing it associated to those values that sustain our doctrine. It is time to confront the Zionist strategy and to work for an intelligent, brave and proud propaganda.
We must work to achieve the swastika take a positive place in the mind of our countryman, and we have to do it with determination, perseverance and willingness. To hide the symbol would mean to be accomplice and to be collaborating to de enemy. The same thing if we dirty our cross with unworthy, stupid and immoral actions.


(1) A Stimulation is aversive when it produces as automatic answer the tendency of getting ahead of it or to avoid it. But a stimulation is appetitive when it induces as an automatic answer the tendency of approaching to it and normally it is associated to the evocation of positive emotions.

MANS, always going forth!

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